Part 4: Karina and Spanish Female Singers in the Sixties

As the name suggests, the Spanish Yé-Yé girls were modelled on their French counterparts. Young, pretty, fashionable, and if you were lucky they could sing a bit as well. The kind of girl that Serge Gainsbourg made fun of in his 1965 Eurovision song contest winner ‘Poupée de cire, poupée de son’.

In fact Karina, probably the most succesful of the Spanish Yé-Yé girls, recorded that very song as ‘Muñeca de Cera’ and it became her breakthrough hit. Of course, she really wanted to win the competition herself, but it was her rival Massiel who triumphed – with ‘La La La’ in 1968. Karina herself finished second when she entered the contest in 1971.

Generally these girls sang translated versions of hits, not just from the UK and the US, but also from France and Italy. We so much material to choose from there was little incentive to come up with original material, and hardly any of them were songwriters anyway.

This EP track is atypical, an original song written for Karina by Los Pekenikes in 1966. Maybe it was recorded as a retort to critics who complained that she only did covers.

For more information about these girls see this excellent website: http://www.readysteadygirls.eu/#/spanish-girls/4544167385


Yo sé que tu jamás me olvidarás
Pero no puedo estar sin verte más
Si ahora tú te vas
Yo buscaré otro amor
Que me haga olvidar
Lo que te quiero
Y ya verás

Si has pensado bien 
qué vas a hacer
No creas que me voy entristecer
Ya todo me da igual
No me importa donde estés
si te voy a olvidar
Aunque no quiera
Y ya verás

Ya verás que yo 
digo la verdad
Si no puedo verte más
Digo yo quizá 
para que tu amor (?)
vuelvas a sentir jamas

I know that you’ll never forget me
but I can’t stand not seeing you again
If you go now
I’ll look for another lover
Who will make me forget
How much I love you
And now you’ll see

If you’ve thought hard
about what you’re going to do
Don’t think that I’ll get sad
Now it’s all the same to me
and I don’t care where you are
If I’m going to forget you
Even though I don’t want to
And now you’ll see

You’ll see that I’m
telling the truth
If I can see you again
I say that maybe
for you love
you’ll never feel again

D (Byrds style riff)
G – A – D – D 
G – A – D – D 
G – A – D – Bm 
G – A – G – G 

F – C – F – C
F – C – G – G

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