Part 2: Los Brincos and Spanish Beat Groups in the Sixties

By 1964 the stance of the Franco regime towards rock had relaxed slightly, perhaps because Spain was trying to present a more tourist friendly image to the rest of Europe. The Beatles’ ‘A Hard Day’s Night’ appeared on cinema screens and the time was ripe for a Spanish response.

Fernando Arbex, ex-drummer with Los Estudiantes, put together a new group featuring the singers Juan Pardo and Antonio ‘Junior’ Morals, who had both had (separate and unsuccessful) stints as lead singer with Los Pekenikes (before that group switched to instrumentals). With two strong singers Los Brincos could emulate Lennon/McCartney style harmonies, and crucially they did it with original songs rather than covers. At first they hedged their bets, singing in both English and Spanish, but it was the Spanish songs that charmed the nation.

Now it had been shown that you could sing rock in Spanish and be successful other groups quickly followed suit, though few of them had the songwriting flair of Los Brincos.

The idea behind their breakthrough song was pretty simple: What would The Beatles sound like playing flamenco? It’s arguably the first ever attempt at flamenco rock, and despite not being particulary authentic it remains one of the most enjoyable. It appeared on their first LP in 1964.


Si me preguntas a dónde voy 
y si tú quieres saber quién soy 
piensa que es fácil de adivinar 
que yo soy yo, 
oh oh, oh oh oh oh

Si te preocupa mi por venir 
no puedes dejar de pensar en mí 
no lograrás hacerme cambiar: 
soy como soy, 
oh oh, oh oh oh oh 

Aaa, aaa, aaa, aaa 
Hey, hey , hey hey 

Piénsalo bien 
y decídete, 
no tengo tiempo para perder, 
pronto mi novia tú vas a ser, 
lo digo yo , 
oh oh, oh oh oh oh 

Nunca jamás te arrepentirás 
porque si buscas felicidad 
solo a mi lado la encontrarás 
lo digo yo, 
oh oh, oh oh oh oh.

If you ask me where I’m going
And if you want to know who I am
Realise that it’s easy to guess
That I’m me
oh oh, oh oh oh oh

If you’re worried about me coming 
You can’t stop thinking about me 
You won’t manage to make me change
I’m how I am 
oh oh, oh oh oh oh 

Aaa, aaa, aaa, aaa 
Hey, hey , hey hey

Think about it carefully 
and make up your mind
I don’t have time to waste
You’re going to be my girlfriend soon
That’s what I say
oh oh, oh oh oh oh

You’ll never ever regret it
Because if you’re looking for happiness
You’ll only find it by my side
That’s what I say
oh oh, oh oh oh oh


Intro: Dm – C – Bb 

Verse: A – Bb(#11) (repeat)

Bridge: Dm – C – Bb – A
Coda: A – Bb – B – C – B – Bb – A

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