‘Señor banquero ¡devuélvame dinero!’

Worrying news about the banks in Spain these days, so some of these lyrics strike a chord…

Andrés Calamaro is from Argentina. His previous group Los Rodríguez were a half Spanish, half Argentinian outfit based in Spain. They enjoyed success in the nineties, after which Calamaro went solo.

The title track of his 1997 album is a pun on ‘alta sociedad’(high society), which makes it difficult to translate, but I’ve tried my best! The hard-rock style of this song is not typical of the album, which is generally in a mellower singer-songwriter vein.


El campeón tiene miedo, 
tiene miedo de pegar, 
no se quiere romper las manos 
porque tiene que cantar, 
el ritmo del protector bucal, 
el bombo de la ciudad, 
le golpea en el culo, 
golpea y nada más.

Alta suciedad, basura de la 
Alta suciedad
No se puede confiar en nadie más 

Babe tiene prisa 
por aprender a ladrar, 
si sólo es un cerdo 
nadie lo respetará, 
es un chico muy malo, 
y se portó muy mal! 
Pero lo perdonamos, 
porque somos lo más bajo de la… 


Señor banquero
devuélvame dinero
por ahora es lo único que quiero
estoy cansado de los 
que vienen de amigos
y sólo quieren rellenarme agujero 
Por ahora no les debo ni la hora, 
‘Cool, baby’, me dice mi abogada, 
que por ahora 
no ha pasado nada


The champion is afraid
He’s afraid to punch
He doesn’t want to break his hands
Because he’s got to sing
The beating of his mouth guard
The hype in the city
It kicks him up the ass
Kicks and nothing more

High class filth, trash from the
High class filth
You can’t trust in anybody else

The kid’s in a rush
To learn how to howl
If he’s just a pig
Nobody will respect him
He’s a very naughty boy
And he behaved really badly
But we forgive him
Because we’re the lowest of the…


Mr. Banker
Give me back my money
Because now it’s all I want
I’m tired of 
people who pretend to be my friend
And only want to **** me up the ass
Now I don’t even owe them the time of day
‘Cool, baby’, my lawyer tells me
For the moment 
there’s nothing to worry about

Guitar riff in E!

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