One of the first songs on this blog was by Deluxe, the former project of Xoel López. Now, after several years out of the limelight, he makes a welcome return. This song is from his new album ‘Atlántico’, the first released under his own name.

Apparently he needed a break after the end of Deluxe, and he has spent a lot of time in Buenos Aires. He sings the last line of this song twice, first with a Spanish accent then with an Argentinian accent!

There’s an excellent interview (in English!) with Xoel here: http://friendswelove.com/blog/xoel-lopez/


Yo soñaba cada día 
poder alcanzar la playa 
Y ahora está tan cerca
casi ya la puedo oler
Y espero cada vez 
más próximo al final 
Ya puedo sentir tierra seca 
tras la arena mojada

Y no me da la gana de 
pensar que nada es para siempre
Si esta canción se acaba 
que acabe el mundo para todos
Todos somos nada sin las palabras 
dime qué nos queda

Y vuelven algunas rimas 
a mi mente cansada
Partes de guiones 
que creía olvidadas
Melodías que una vez 
pensé que iba a perder
Se tornan ahora 
bellas y valientes sinfonías

Y hace tiempo que yo ya me fui, 
yo siempre me estoy yendo
Pero siempre estoy contigo, 
aunque a veces 
pienses que no hay nada
Cuando me quedo mirando 
como si estuviera ausente
Es porque estoy viajando, 
no pienses que voy a perderme

Mmm, mmm, mmm…

Sí, ya sé que el mundo seguirá 
girando cuando ya no quede nada 
Y nosotros vaguemos por la historia 
como simples hombres solitarios
Reyes que perdieron todo, 
todo lo que tanto amaban 
por quererlo demasiado

Y lo intento cada día 
ser todo lo que había imaginado
Y me encuentro que la vida 
siempre tiene algo preparado 
que supera cualquiera de mis fantasías
Nada comparado con 
lo que realmente sucedía

Mmm, mmm, mmm…

Yo soñaba cada día 
poder alcanzar la playa

I used to dream every day
I could reach the beach
And now it’s so close
I can almost smell it
And every time I wait 
closer to the end
I can already feel the dry land 
after the wet sand

And I don’t want to
think that nothing is forever
If this song finishes
then let the world end for everyone
We are all nothing without words 
tell me what we have left

And some rhymes come back
To my tired mind
Lines from a script
that I thought were forgotten
Tunes that I once
Thought I was going to forget
Which come back to me now
Beautiful and brave symphonies

It’s been a while since I left
And I’m always going
But I’m always with you
Even though sometimes
You think there isn’t anything
When I’m staring into space
As if I was absent
It’s because I’m travelling
Don’t think that I’m going to get lost

Mmm, mmm, mmm…

Yes, I know the world will keep
Turning when nothing is left
And we roam through history
Like simple solitary men
Kings who lost everything
Everything that they loved so much
Because they wanted it too much

And everyday I try
To be everything I had imagined
And I find that life
Always has something prepared for me
That exceeds all my fantasies
Nothing compares to
What really happened

Mmm, mmm, mmm…

I used to dream every day
I could reach the beach
Intro: E – Emaj7 – Esus/B – E 
E – A – F#m – B7 (repeat)
(Mmm…) A – F#m – A – F#m
(Coda) E – Emaj7

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