Manolo García’s voice really soars on this track. We’ve seen him previously in Los Rápidos, but it was with El Último De La Fila that he eventually found success.

This was voted the best song of 1986 by the magazine Rock Delux.



¿Dónde estabas entonces
cuando tanto te necesité?
Nadie es mejor que nadie
pero tu creíste vencer.
Si lloré ante tu puerta de nada sirvió.
Barras de bar,
vertederos de amor
Os enseñé mi trocito peor.

Retales de mi vida,
fotos a contraluz

Me siento hoy como un halcón
herido por las flechas de la incertidumbre.

Me corto el pelo una y otra vez.
Me quiero defender.
Dame mi alma y déjame en paz.
Quiero intentar no volver a caer.
Pequeñas tretas para continuar en la brecha.

Me siento hoy como un halcón
llamado a las filas de la insurrección

Where were you then
When I needed you so much?
No one is better than anyone else
But you though you could win
If I cried at your door it was for nothing
Bars, bars
Rubbish dumps of love
I showed you my worst side

Remnants of my life
Backlit photos 

Today I feel like a falcon
Wounded by the arrows of uncertainty. 

I cut my hair again and again.
I want to defend. myself
Give me my soul and leave me alone.
I want to try not to fall again
Little tricks to keep from giving up 

Today I feel like a falcon
Called to the ranks of the insurgency
C – F (repeat)
Em – G
C – F (repeat)
G - F - G - F

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