Here is another of my occasional attempts at ‘singable’ translations. This song is based on the Greek myth of Narcissus and Echo. The nymph Echo had a beautiful voice, but the gods punished her by taking it away. She could only speak by echoing the last words of another, and this device is used in the chorus of the song, where she echoes the cruel words of Narcissus.

It comes from the album ‘La Joven Dolores’, released this year by Christina Rosenvinge – her best yet.


Condenada por los dioses,
sin su linda voz
Eco se esconde en la cueva
con su dolor
El corazón mudo sólo puede repetir
las últimas sílabas
que acaba de oír
Narciso es soberbio,
¡Por Dios que guapo es!
Las ninfas se ofrecen
ante su desinterés

Pasea en el bosque
su melancolia
Nada es suficiente
su alma esta vacía
Eco de lejos le espía
y suspira: ¡Amor!
Como confesarlo
sin tener su voz
Un claro del bosque
se abre para los dos
La pálida ninfa
se muestra toda candor

¿Quién eres tu niña loca?
(niña loca, niña loca)
Muero antes que darte un beso
(darte un beso, darte un beso)
Quiero estar solo en el río
(en el río, en el río)
¿no pensaras que te quiero?
(te quiero, te quiero…)

Narciso recibe castigo
por ser tan cruel
El agua nunca fue tan clara,
ni tanta la sed
Al ver su reflejo por fin
descubrió el amor
Ahogado en si mismo
se convierte en flor
Eco de pena y locura,
se consumió
Solo quedo resonando sin fin
Su linda voz


Ahora tu dime:
¿Que demonios hago yo aquí?
¿Soy solo tu espejo
o me ves a mi?
¿Se me consiente algo mas que repetir
cada palabra
que tu deseas oír?
Tocas el agua
se te hunde la nariz
La imagen es vana,
el llanto no tiene fin.


Condemned by the gods
who took away her precious voice
Eco hides in a cave
and considers her choice
Her mute heart is only able to repeat
The last words
of another person when they speak
Narcissus magnificent
He’s so handsome, Jesus Christ!
The nymphs flirt with him
But they’re nothing in his eyes

Eco walks through the forest
so melancholy
Nothing can console you
when your soul is empty
She spies on Narcissus
through a gap in the trees
Wants to confess her love,
how can she make him see?
The trees move apart,
the pale nymph is revealed
She offers him her body,
so naked, so real

So who are you crazy lady?
(crazy lady, crazy lady)
I’d die rather than have to kiss you
(have to kiss you, have to kiss you)
Leave my alone by the river
(by the river, by the river)
Don’t kid yourself that I love you
(I love you, I love you…)

Narcissus he was punished
for being so cruel
Went down to the water,
so clear and so cool
He saw his reflection
felt love for an hour
He drowned in himself
and turned into a flower
The pain and the madness
tore Echo apart
All I have left
Is her voice in my heart


Now you tell me
just what the hell I’m doing here?
Am I just your mirror
has my own image disappeared?
Will I never do anything more than repeat
The words that choose,
the words that you want me to speak?
Your nose touched the water,
you gazed at your face
The image meant nothing,
but it made my heart break


Capo on the 6th fret / Cejilla en el traste sexta

C – Em – Am – Fmaj7 Fm – C – Am – Am Fm – G7

Chorus / Estribillo:

C – Em – Fm – G (repeat)



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