We’ve had a few fairly downbeat songs recently, so here’s something completely different. This song is popular in some clubs that play Latin music – I would describe the groove as Merengue but it has also been described as Reggaeton. There’s a kind of dance routine that goes with the chorus. You have to mime these actions:

El Bate – swing a baseball bat

La Carne – cut the meat with a knife

La Pistola – point your pistols

El Fuego – turn around on the spot (not particularly fire related)

Maybe you’ve found yourself dancing to this and wondering what the hell they were singing about. Now you know, though I’ll leave the innuendo to your imagination… There have been several versions, but the original was by a Cuban group called Clan 537.


Le gusta el bate,
a la mujer del pelotero,
le gusta la carne,
a la mujer del carnicero,
me pide pistola,
la mujer del patrullero,
y la del bombero,
me esta pidiendo fuego.

La mujer, del marinero
quiere alga, man,
la mujer del karateca,
quiere golpe, man,
la mujer del chauffeur,
quiere palanca, man,
la mujer del herrero,
quiere hierro, man.

La mujer del extranjero,
quiere "money, man",
la mujer del manicero,
cucurucho man,
la mujer del panadero,
quiere flauta man,
la mujer del cantinero,
quiere un trago man.

She likes the bat,
the baseball player’s wife
She likes meat,
the butcher’s wife
She asks me for a gun,
the patrolman’s wife
And the firefighter’s wife
is asking me for fire

The sailor’s wife
wants seaweed, man
The karate instructor's wife
wants a chop, man
The chauffeur’s wife
wants a gear-stick, man
The blacksmith's wife
wants iron, man.

The foreigner’s wife
wants money, man
The peanut vender's wife,
a paper cone, man
The baker's wife
wants a loaf, man
The bartender's wife
wants a drink, man


Bm – G – A – Bm

Bm – G – F# – Bm


I remember when I started learning Spanish, I found the the 3rd person ‘a’ needed with Gustar rather strange. I think it’s easier if you remember the same structure can be used in the 1st and 2nd person as well

e.g. A mi me gusta la carne The ‘a mi’ is usually only used for emphasis or contrast.

e.g. ¿No te gusta la carne? – a mi me gusta

However, in the 3rd person the ‘a’ preposition is compulsory.

A la mujer del carnicero le gusta la carne


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