This week we stay in San Sebastián (or Donostia as the locals call it).

Brakaman are a half forgotten group, who have been filed under both prog-rock and proto-punk. Glam-rock is probably a better description (they covered both David Bowie and Lou Reed live).

Sadly, Spain in the mid-seventies was much too conservative to embrace them. They dressed up in full glam regalia for a concert to launch their second single, only to be dismissed as “música de maricones” (music for poofs) and their eponymous album was not a hit.

This excellent ballad was a single in 1976, and the closing track on their album a year later.

The cover was designed by film director Iván Zulueta, the brother of Brakaman’s singer Borja Zulueta. The group soon split, with guitarist Jaime Stinus moving on to success with Orquesta Mondragón.


A las tantas de la mañana
En el choco donde suelo dormir
Lejos muy poca luz
Y en completo relax
Pongo un disco y me dejo llevar

Las estrellas se van a apagar
Y Morfeo, decirle por mi
No sé bien que hora es
Y además me da igual
Solo puedo y quiero dormir

Empiezo a notar
Algo muy especial
Y pienso que hoy
Ha sido un día genial

Ojalá estuvieras aquí

Puedo oír el viento sur
Ya vaivén, ve las olas
En el mar….

In the early hours of the morning
In the hiding place where I usually sleep
A faint light far away
And completely relaxed
I put on a record and let myself go

The stars are going to go out
And Morpheus, tell him for me
I don’t know what time it is
Besides, I don’t care
I can only sleep and I only want to sleep

I start to notice
Something very special
And I think that today
Has been a great day

I wish you were here

I can hear the southern wind
Now they’re rocking, look at the waves
In the sea…
Fmaj7 – Cmaj7 (repeat)
Am7 – D9 (repeat)
Dm – Fmaj7/C – G7
D – Dmaj7 – D7 – Gmaj7/D (repeat)

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