This is my Spanish translation/reworking of ‘Girl From The North Country’ by Bob Dylan – in belated celebration of his 70th birthday.

The original appears on his 1963 album Freewheelin’. There have been many covers, including a great version by Roy Harper on his 1974 album Valentine.


If you're travelin' in the north country fair,

Where the winds hit heavy on the borderline,

Remember me to one who lives there.

She once was a true love of mine.

Well, if you go when the snowflakes storm,

When the rivers freeze and summer ends,

Please see if she's wearing a coat so warm,

To keep her from the howlin' winds.

Please see for me if her hair hangs long,

If it rolls and flows all down her breast.

Please see for me if her hair hangs long,

That's the way I remember her best.

I'm a-wonderin' if she remembers me at all.

Many times I've often prayed

In the darkness of my night,

In the brightness of my day.

Si viajas a la feria del norte,

Donde las ráfagas soplan en la frontera,

Una chica vive, recuérdale que

Ella fue la primera

Si te encuentras en una gran ventisca

Y los ríos se congelan en el paisaje,

Comprueba que ella lleva chaqueta

Y la resguarda del cierzo salvaje

Mira por mí, si lleva el pelo largo,

Hasta los hombros, que su cara no se vea

Mira por mí, que sea asi

Es como me acuerdo de ella

Me pregunto si ella me recuerda

Cuántas veces he pensado, he rezado

Por la noche acá, en las tinieblas

O por el día soleado


(Capo: third fret) / (Cejilla: tercero traste)

G – C/G

Bm6/E – D/F# – G (twice)

Em – C – G

Bm6/E – D/F# – G

There’s a nice instructional video here:


Remember has two translations, so when do you use RECORDAR or ACORDARSE (De)?

I still find this confusing, and often both of them are possible.

However, Acordarse seems to be used more, especially when something is more recent or of the moment.

No me acuerdo de tu nombre – I don’t remember your name

Recordar seems to be preferred for things that are more distant or more general.

Recordamos los buenos viejos tiempos – We remember the good old days

Also, to remind (someone) use Recordar (a alguien).


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