Solera were a quarted who released their eponymous album in 1973. The group then split up when both Rodrigo García (who wrote this song) and José Guzman moved on to form Cánovas, Rodrigo, Adolfo y Guzmán (CRAG). Like ‘Señora Azul’ (also written by Rodrigo García), this song combines a sweet melody with biting lyrics.

Neither group was successful – I guess they fell between the stools of cheesy-Europop and earnest singer-songwriters which dominated the Spanish scene at the time.

More lyrics and chords for both CRAG and Solera can be found here:



Que te casas, linda prima, 
He oido comentar.
Me he sentado sonriendo 
sin poderme controlar.
Eras tan apasionada, 
tan ardiente al comenzar
Nuestros juegos amorosos 
hace varios años ya
Que me cogió de sorpresa 
que te vayas a casar,
Linda prima, con un hombre tan vulgar.

Te creía soñadora, 
me consta que así lo fuiste,
¿Cómo ahora tan pronto te decidiste?
Me contaron las razones, 
me dijeron la verdad.
Se me helaba la sonrisa. 
Lo pudieron comprobar.
Ya sé que tiene dinero 
que está en buena posición,
Que es un hombre rico y serio; 
viejo y seco, añado yo.
Si lo primero conviene, 
lo otro creo yo que no.
Linda prima, se marchitará tu flor.

Me parece que su fasto 
no sirve de gran remedio
Porque es basto 
y te llenará de tedio.
Mal negocio, linda prima, 
cómo siento que al final
Te hayas vuelto interesada 
y también convencional.
Me permites, linda prima, 
el derecho de dudar;
Dudo que lo que mereces, 
si yo podría con creces,
Te lo dará ese hombre con quien te vas a casar
Linda prima, ese hombre tan vulgar.

You’re getting married, pretty cousin, 
I’ve heard it said
I’ve sat down smiling 
Without being able to stop myself
You were so passionate, 
So ardent at the start
Our love games 
Were several years ago now
It took me by surprise 
That you're getting married 
Pretty cousin, with such a vulgar man

I thought you were a dreamer, 
I’m sure you were
How come you decided so quickly? 
They told me the reasons, 
They told me the truth. 
It froze my smile. 
As they could confirm
I know that he’s got money 
And a good position 
That he’s rich and responsible, 
Old and surly, I’d say too
If the former suits you 
I don’t think the other does 
Pretty cousin, your flower will wither.

I don’t think his extravagance 
Will be the remedy 
Because it’s coarse 
And will fill you with boredom 
Bad deal, pretty cousin 
That’s how I feel at the end 
You've become a gold-digger
And conventional too
Allow me pretty cousin 
The right to doubt; 
I doubt you deserve it, 
But if I could I’d give you more than
He'll give you, that man you're marrying
Pretty cousin, that vulgar man
C – C/B – Am – Am/G – F 
C – C/B – Am – Am/G – D/F# – G
C – F – C – C – G 
F – Em – Dm – C 
C – F – C – C – G 
F – Em – D7 – G
F – C – G – C – C/B
Am7 - G - F - C

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