Spanish Pop Lyrics celebrates Xmas with the carol ‘La Marimorena’. There are many versions with slightly different lyrics, and this 1984 version by the rhumba group Los Chunguitos includes some of the cheekier variations (humour in Spanish carols seems much more common than in the English equivalents). I've also done a singable English version which you can see here: UPDATE Dec 2015: I have changed the title of the translation, I think it is referring to noise and excitement rather than the Black Madonna. *

Esta noche es Nochebuena
y mañana Navidad
Saca la bota María
que me quiero emborrachar

Ande, ande, ande la Marimorena
Ande, ande, ande que es la Nochebuena

En el portal de Belén
han entrado los ratones
Y al pobre San José
le han roído los calzones

Hasta aquí hemos venido
cuatrocientos en cuadrilla
Si quieres que te cantemos
saca cuatrocientas sillas.

Llevo tres horas cantando
villancicos a porrones
Si quieres que no me vaya
saca ya los polvorones

Tonight it’s Christmas Eve
And tomorrow Christmas Day
Take out the wine skin Mary
I want to get drunk

Hurry, hurry, hurry, the hurly-burly
Hurry, hurry, hurry, it’s Christmas Eve

In the stable of Bethlehem
The mice have come in
And poor Saint Joseph
They’ve gnawed at his pants 

Here we’ve arrived
A group of four hundred
If you want us to sing to you
Put out four hundred chairs.

I’ve been singing for three hours
Loads of carols
If you don’t want me to go
Bring out the Christmas biscuits
Song: F and C
Intro/Bridge: Bb – Am – F – Gm-5 – C – F

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