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SOY ASI By LOS SALVAJES December 6, 2010

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If Los Brincos were the Spanish Beatles, Los Salvajes were their Rolling Stones.

They took this job description a bit literally though – often covering Stones tracks (translated into Spanish).

This is one of their few original songs, the B-Side to La Neurastenia (their 1966 version of ‘19th Nervous Breakdown’). Talking of remakes, this song is played at the beginning of episode 3 of “La Chica de Ayer”, the Spanish version of the British TV show “Life on Mars”. Some things never change!


Con patillas largas, 
estrecho pantalón, 
un jersey a rayas 
aunque llame la atención.

Soy así, soy así, soy así.

Toco la guitarra 
con satisfacción
bailo a mi manera 
aunque llame la atención.

Soy así, soy así, soy así.

Un traje de Al Capone, 
chaleco Elliott Ness; 
yo viajo en metro 
y me toman por inglés.

Soy así, soy así, soy así.

With long sideburns,
tight trousers
a striped jersey
even though I attract attention

That’s how I am…

I play guitar 
with satisfaction
I dance in my own way
even though I attract attention

That’s how I am…

An Al Capone suit,
an Elliott Ness waistcoat;
I travel by underground
and they think I’m English.

That’s how I am…
Riff: A – A# – B – E – F – F# – A – A# – B
Verse: B7 shuffle
Chorus: E – A5 – E – A5  
Aunque is usually translated as ‘although’ or ‘even though’, 
but it can also mean ‘even if’. 
Since it is refering to the future, the present subjunctive is used:

Aunque llame la atención - Even though I attract attention

A Menos Que (Unless) is used similarly.

Yo no iré a menos que tu vayas – I won’t go unless you go

In contrast Si (If) is followed by the indicative or by the past subjunctive,
depending on how real or likely the situation is:

Si estoy enfermo, me quedaré en la cama
If I’m ill, I’ll stay in bed – Real / Likely situation (1st Conditional)

Si estuviera enfermo, me quedaría en la cama 
If I was ill, I’d stay in bed – Unlikely / Hypothetical (2nd Conditional)

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