Julieta Venegas is a Mexican singer-songwriter who has had hits around the world. This single is from her second album "Bueninvento" (2000). *
Si pudiera yo tenerte aquí 
Hablándome de nada
Y cuanto más, y cuanto más seguro 
Es lo que me falta
Si pudiera recuperar 
Lo que no me tocó 
Porque ya no hay
Porque llegué muy tarde 
Seguro es por ahí
Tiempo suficiente 
Me falla cada vez
Vida suficiente 
Me falla otra vez
Si sólo tuviera un lugar 
Para expresar mi necesidad
Y alguien escuchara 
Lo que tengo aquí eso sería
Si tuviera respeto de quienes 
No me toman en cuenta
Si sólo vieran 
De lo que soy capaz 
Es eso lo que me falta
Seguro así sería feliz
Si sólo tuviera el color
De quienes parecen disfrutar
Si el mismo me pintara
A mi parece es por ahi
If I could have you beside me
Talking to me about nothing
And I’m surer and surer
It’s what I need
If I could recover 
the thing that didn’t touch me
because now there’s nothing
Because I arrived so late 
I’m sure it’s there
Enough time 
It always runs out 
Enough life
It runs out again 
If only I had a place
to express my needs
and someone listened
what I have here is what would be
If I had the respect of those people
who don’t take me into account
if only they saw
what I’m capable of
that’s what I need
I’m sure this way I would be happy 
If only I had the colour
Of those people who seem to be happy
That same colour would cover me
I think it’s around here
Em – Em – Am – D (Repeat)
D/F# – G – D/F# – F – Bb – Ab 
Examples of the past subjuctive (see also the Asfalto track).
Here, the past subjunctive is used to show that the situation is hypothetical.
Si pudiera – If I could
Si tuviera – If I had
Si alguien escuchara – If someone listened
Si vieran – If they saw
Si me pintara – If it painted/covered me
…¡sería feliz! - …I would be happy!

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