It’s about time we mentioned the F-Word: Flamenco!

Kiko Veneno has mixed flamenco with rock and pop since the late 1970s. This song is from the album “Échate un Cantecito” (1992) which was his commercial breakthrough.


Echo de menos
La cama revuelta
Ese zumo de naranja
Y las revistas abiertas

En el espejo
Yo no encuentro tu mirada
No hay besos en la ducha
Ni pelos, ni nada

Entre nosotros
Un muro de metacrilato
No nos deja olernos 
Ni manosearnos

Y por las noches
Todo es cambio de postura
Encuentro telarañas
Por las costuras

Lo mismo 
Te echo de menos lo mismo
Que antes te echaba de más

Si tú no te das cuenta de lo que vale 
El mundo es una tontería
Si vas dejando que se escape 
Lo que más querías

Echo de menos
El crujir de tus tostadas
Sentir por el pasillo
Tu gato que araña

En mi camisa
Llevo tu aroma preso
Y el rojo de tus labios
Por el cuello

Entre nosotros ...

I miss
The unmade bed
That orange juice
And the open magazines

In the mirror
I don’t find your gaze
There’s no kisses in the shower
Or hairs, or anything

Between us
A transparent wall 
That stops us smelling each other
Or touching each other

And at night
I keep tossing and turning
I see cobwebs
In the corners

All the same
I miss you all the same
Even though you used to get on my nerves

If you don’t realize what it's worth
The world is a foolish thing
If you're going to let escape
The thing you wanted most

I miss
The crunch of your toast
To sense in the hallway
Your cat that scratches

On my shirt
I wear your trapped aroma
And the red of your lips
On my collar

Between us ...
Intro: Am – F – B7 – E
Verse: Am – Dm – E7 – Am (repeat 4 times)
F – B7 – E 
Chorus: A – Dm – G – C 
F – Dm – E – Am 
This one is nearly all in the Present Simple,
but it changes to the Imperfect just before the chorus:

Que antes te echaba de más…



  1. “There are no kisses in the shower”
    “Nor hairs”
    “There is between us
    An acrylic wall that leaves us (or just “see-through wall”)
    Unable to smell or touch
    One another”
    I just assumed that “por las costuras” meant that when the individual is tossing and turning at night, he sees the cobwebs in the corners of the ceiling, where the walls meet, emphasizing that he is alone and unable to sleep and somewhat frozen in his desolation with his lover. I could be wrong though.

    There is more, but I’ve run out of time. Hope my ideas are helpful. Love this song!

  2. Hi:

    Lo mismo
    Te echo de menos lo mismo
    Que antes te echaba de más…

    I don’t think this means what you’ve written. He’s playing with words emphasising how much he misses her now.

    Te echo de menos (I miss you) te echaba de más (It was a drag having you around “sobrabas”). Not easy to translate, that’s for sure.

    Something along the lines of I want you back as much as I used to want to see the back of you!

  3. Thanks – I missed that. Echar de más is (logically enough) actually the opposite of Echar de menos (I translated them as the same). I’ve changed the line to ‘even though you used to get on my nerves’.

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