Spanish Pop Lyrics is going to have a look at some female singers in the next few posts.
First Cecilia – this song is from her second LP (1973). On the cover she pretended to be pregnant – which combined with the title of this song was controversial at the time. She died in a car crash three years later aged just 27.



Yo quisiera tener alguien cerca, aquí.

Yo no quiero vestir sedas de soltera,

Santos de madera: eso no es para mi.


Y si muero de vieja

sin tener pareja,

Dime quien llorará a una solterona.

Llantos de verdad en su funeral.


Me quedaré soltera

aunque yo no quiera

¿con quien casaré

Si mi cuerpo está viejo?

No miente el espejo

Cuando me miro en él.


Dicen que es mejor ser monja

que estar así,

Como lo estoy yo, con mi perro viejo,

Mi loro que llora, mi gato tuerto.


Soy como un verso suelto

sin rima, sin par.

Soy un alma en pena contando lunas,

Apenas me quedan ni para contar.


Me quedaré soltera…



I wish I had someone close, here.

I don’t want to wear silks of a singleton,

Wooden saints: it's not for me.


And if I die of old age

without having a partner,

Tell me who’ll mourn a spinster.

Weeping for real at her funeral.


I'll stay single

although I may not want to

Who will I marry

If my body is old?

The mirror doesn’t lie

When I look into it.


They say it's better to be a nun

Than to be like this

Like I am, with my old dog

My parrot that cries, my one-eyed cat.


I'm like an odd verse

without rhyme, without a pair

I'm a tormented soul counting days

I hardly have any left to count


I'll stay single…




D – D7 – GM7/D – GmM7/D

A – Bm – E – A


D – D/C – GM7/B – GmM7/Bb – A




Quedar is a tricky verb which can have many meanings:

Quedar used as a ordinary verb usually means ‘To Meet’

¿Donde quedamos? – Where shall me meet?

Quedarse usually means ‘To Stay’ (Remain)

Me quedaré soltera – I’ll stay single

Used like Gustar, it usually means ‘To Have Left’

Me quedan para contar – I have left to count

‘Santos de madera’ refers to a Spanish saying:

‘Te vas a quedar para vestir santas’

You’re going to stay (unmarried) to dress the statues of the saints (in the church) i.e. be left on the shelf.

Note the double meaning in the last verse:

‘Sin par’ means without a pair, but also without equal – maybe she’s single because no one’s good enough for her!



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