Almendra were one of the most influential groups in the early days of Argentinian rock. Their first single from 1968 was inspired by a friend of the band (presumably Pototo!) when they thought he was dead.



Para saber como es la soledad
tendrás que ver
que a tu lado no está
quien nunca a ti
te dejaba pensar
en donde estaba el bien, 
en donde la maldad.
La soledad es un amigo que no está
es su palabra que no ves llegar igual. 
Si es que sus sueños
son luces en torno a ti
tu te das cuenta
que él ya nunca ha de morir, 
nunca ha de morir.
Al observar como muere la flor
tu verás que también muere la paz
es que esa paz
revivirá en su voz
la flor te la dará
para plantarla igual.
La soledad es un amigo que no está…
To understand what loneliness is like
You'll have to see
that he’s not at your side 
The person who never
let you think about
Where there was good, 
Where there was evil.
Loneliness is a friend who’s not here
It’s his word that you can’t see coming 
If his dreams
are lights around you 
You realize
that now he never has to die
He never has to die
When you see how a flower dies 
You'll see that peace dies as well 
It means that peace
will be revived in his voice 
The flower he’ll give you
to plant as before
Loneliness is a friend who’s not here…
C - G - F - G
C - G - F - G
F – Em - Am
G – F – G
Cm – Fm – Ddim – C
Cm – Fm – Ddim – C – G
Ab - Bb – Bbm…
Bbm – Am – Abm – Gm – F#m – F9
In April we looked at the difference between Hay que and Tener que
Haber de is very similar in meaning. I think the sense of obligation is slightly weaker.

Haber de +Infinitive – To be neccesary

However, I think it’s used in the song to express a vaguer, more poetic sense:

Nunca ha de morir – He never has to die



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