One of the best Spanish beat groups of the sixties, Los Huracanes rock out on this tragic tale of a lost sock. It comes from a 1966 EP – the EP rather than the single was the most popular format for groups at the time.

A year later guitarist Pascual Olivas left the group to become (I quote) “One of the most respected gynecologists in the country”.

For more info on the Los Huracanes (and other Spanish groups in general) I recommend http://lafonoteca.net/grupos/ (site in Spanish only).


Ayer perdí yo mi calcetín,
buscando estoy en la habitación,
es tarde ya, me tengo que ir sin él.

Busqué, busqué, sin tregua hasta el fin.
mas no encontré ningún calcetín,
no puede ser, tendré que comprar un par.

Yo voy buscando en las tiendas,
nadie me quiere vender.

No sé, no sé lo que voy a hacer,
no encontraré otro como aquel,
llorando estoy porque lo perdí.

Yo voy buscando en las tiendas,
nadie me quiere vender.

Perdí, perdí mi buen calcetín,
pensando estoy en lo que he de hacer,
un pie tendrá que ir ya sin él, sin él.
Yesterday I lost my sock
I’m searching in my room
It’s late now, I need to go without it

I searched, without respite until the end
But I didn’t find a single sock
It can’t be, I’ll have to buy a pair

I’m going to look in the shops
No one wants to sell me one

I don’t know what I’m going to do
I won’t find another like that one
I’m crying because I lost it

I’m going to look in the shops
No one wants to sell me anything

I lost my good sock
I’m thinking about what I need to do
My foot will have to walk without it now
Riff: E – G – A – B
Bridge: A – G – A – B
Verbs in the past simple, first person.
Perder -> Perdí
Buscar -> Busqué
Encontrar -> Encontré


  1. my husband has sung this song to me for the past 30 years. A song from his youth, great to hear the original.

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