Today we relax border restrictions and welcome Los Gatos, all the way from Argentina.
Their first single from 1967 is arguably the most important in Argentinian rock.
A real gem (great organ playing!) that would fit easily onto the Nuggets compilation.

Estoy muy solo y triste, acá,
en este mundo abandonado,
tengo una idea es la de irme
al lugar que yo mas quiera.
Me falta algo para ir,
Pues caminando yo no puedo.
Construiré una balsa
y me iré a naufragar.
Tengo que conseguir mucha madera,
tengo que conseguir, de donde pueda.
Y cuando mi balsa esté lista
partiré hacia la locura
Con mi balsa yo me iré a naufragar.
I'm very sad and lonely here,
In this deserted world
I’ve got the idea of leaving
to a place I’ll like more
I need something to go on,
Because I can’t walk
I’ll build a raft
and I'll go and get shipwrecked
I have to get a lot of wood,
I have to get it, from anywhere I can.
And when my raft is ready
I’ll set out towards the madness
With my raft I'll go and get shipwrecked

E6 – F#7/13 – A7/13 – E6
E6 – F#7/13
F#m – F#mM7 – A – B7 – E6
C# – F#m – D# – G# – B7
F#m – F#mM7 – A – B7 – E – E7
F#m – F#mM7 – A – B7
E6 – C#7 – Am – B7
G#m – F#m (repeat)

There are lots of examples of the future tense here:

Construiré una balsa – I’ll build a raft

However, this tense is used less than in English, especially in spoken Spanish.
Often used is ‘Ir a’ – basically ‘Going to’:

Voy a construir una balsa – I’m going to build a raft

There is also the future perfect – Will have:

La habré acabado para el miercoles – I’ll have finished it by Wednesday

The present simple can also be used to talk about the future:
This can be used in English
e.g. We leave tomorrow, though it’s more common
to use the present continuous e.g. We’re leaving tomorrow

Nos vamos mañana en la balsa – We’re leaving tomorrow in the raft

In Spanish the present simple is frequently used like this.
However, the future can be full of doubt and uncertainty!
To emphasise this the present subjunctive can be used.

Cuando mi balsa esté lista – When my raft is ready (Will I ever finish it!)


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