The LP cover looks like 1966, but it’s actually from 1986 (“Piknik Caleidoscópico”).

Part of the mid-eighties mod-revival in Spain, Los Negativos rock harder than most of their rivals

Por la noche en el hospital
cuando apagan la luz
quisiera levantarme y pasear.
Y todos estos tubos
no me van a dejar
y ese maldito cartel
es todo cuanto puedo ver.
Empieza el día con energía
comiendo cereales como yo.
Ya vuelve a estar ahí,
rondando en la oscuridad.
Ya vuelve a estar ahí,
es la psicoastenia y no soy yo.
No puedo apartar la vista del televisor,
y aunque ese tipo mida
sólo un par de pies,
amargarme la noche es su obsesión.
No sé si habla o masca chicle,
vi su cara en el cine.
Hace rato que estoy pensando
en la clase de mujer que debe tener.
At night in the hospital
when they turn out the light
I would like to get up and to take a walk.
And all these tubes
aren’t going to let me
and that damn poster
is all I can see.
Start the day with energy
eating cereals like me.
It’s back there again
hovering in the dark.
It’s back there again
It’s a mental breakdown and I’m not me
I can’t look away from the tv set
Even though that type measures
only a couple of feet
The night makes me bitter with it’s obsession
I don’t’ know if he speaks or chews gum
I saw his face in the cinema
For a while I’ve been thinking about
The kind of woman that he must have.
Verse (Riff): Bm – E – D – A/C#
Chorus: Bm – A – G – F#
Psicoastenia is a made up word, but astenia means fatigue (illness) and
neurastenia means nervous breakdown
(Los Salvajes recorded a version of "19th Nervous Breakdown" translated as
"La Neurastenia" in the 60s).
I guess the meaning here is something like mental breakdown.

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