Christina Rosenvinge had some hits with the fairly cheesy pop duo Alex y Christina at the end of the 1980s, but since then she has reinvented herself as a husky voiced singer-songwriter. 

Tu Boca (‘Your Mouth’) is from her 2008 album Tu Labio Superior (‘Your Upper Lip’).


La luna se ha puesto roja
hay llamas en el altar
los obispos se santíguan
me van a excomulgar
todo por este beso
que es la única verdad
iría hasta el mismo infierno
por medio minuto más
estúpidas despedidas
no puedo decir que…
Tu boca es mi perdición
¿es que no lo ves?
tu boca es mi perdición
¿es que no me crees?
tu boca es mi perdición
y quiero perderme
Escribe un pasado nuevo
olvida el futuro ya
el cielo esta en obras
nadie nos va a salvar
solo existe este beso
suave en la oscuridad
que no dura tres minutos
dura la eternidad
estúpidas despedidas
no puedo decir que
Repetir Estribillo
Sigueme, seguiré junto a ti   
que mas da perderse aqui   
no dices nada, por favor di
si me despido o voy contigo   
que tu boca es mi religión
es mi nueva fe
tu boca es mi salvación
oh, sálvame
Repetir Estribillo    

The moon has turned red
there are flames in the altar
the bishops cross themselves
they’re going to excommunicate me
everything for this kiss
that it is the only truth
I’d go all the way to the same hell
for half a minute more
stupid goodbyes
I can’t say that…
Your mouth is my downfall
Can’t you see?
Your mouth is my downfall
Don’t you believe me?
Your mouth is my downfall
and I want to lose myself
Write a new past
forget the future now
heaven is closed for repairs 
nobody is going to save us
this kiss only exists
soft in the darkness
it doesn’t last three minutes
it lasts for eternity
stupid goodbyes
I can’t say that…
Repeat Chorus 
Follow me, I’ll go on with you
It doesn’t matter what is lost here
You don’t say anything, please tell me
if I should say goodbye or go with you
your mouth is my religion
it’s my new faith
your mouth is my salvation
oh, save me
Repeat Chorus   



C – Em – C – Em


C – Em – Am – F (repeat 4 times)

F – G – F – G


C – Em – F – F (repeat 3 times)


C – B – A (repeat 4 times, bass only)



Tricky part at the beginning of the bridge. The verb seguir can mean both to follow and to continue. First it’s used in the imperative (sigueme – follow me!) then in the future form (seguiré – I’ll go on).



  1. I especially like this word play:

    Tu boca es mi perdición
    y quiero perderme

    Unfortunately, it gets lost (and never better said) in translation. But that’s inevitable. It’s very difficult (or impossible) to keep the intentional ambiguities and the word plays when translating. When I bump into one of them, I almost lose my mind trying to find the best way to translate it. Desperately seeking synonyms… It’s a real nightmare!

    This case is very intricate. Perdición means “perdition”, althought not necessarily in a religious sense. That is, also “ruin”, “downfall”, etc. But in addition, it is sometimes used as “crush” (to have a “crush” on someone). I mean, refers to the object of attraction or desire. “Perdición” as a derivation from “perder” (to lose), in the sense of “losing one’s head” for another person.

    Lyrics play with those meanings:

    A – Religious (notice the other relious allusions in the song), moral or psychological. ‘Perderse’ also means “to go to rack and ruin”. I guess it’s about breaking taboos.

    B – Loving. Which has a different nature (there are no necessarily negative connotations).

    So “tu boca es mi perdición” and “quiero perderme” play with ambiguity, because the negative or positive connotations depend on the point of view. Quiero perderme could mean “I want to sin”, “to go to hell”, “to fall into ruin”, etc. But only under the point of view of the prevailing moral values, and if the song’s voice shares those views despite having an internal conflict between her moral convictions and a desire. But if not (and that’s what I think), then those expressions would be basically rhetorical. I mean the voice doesn’t really consider that “forbidden love” to be sinful, immoral or simply harmful to her.

    I personally would translate “perdición” as “perdition”. I think everybody will understand the rhetorical aspect. Regarding “quiero perderme”, I have doubts. Perhaps “I want to fall (for it)”? I don’t know…

  2. Thanks for your erudite comments!
    I think you’re right that my translation of the chorus loses a lot of the powerful ambiguity of the original.
    I though of using perdition, which seems the logical translation, but this word isn’t really used much in modern english (I think many english people wouldn’t know the meaning to be honest).

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